Europe Relief

Europe Relief

In Europe there are all forms of relief. In Europe Relief article you will find the enumeration of relief in order of their age.
Europe Relief Caledonian Orogen
Units: Scandinavian Mountains,Grampian Mountains, Mountains Caledonia, Plateau Casimcei
Europe Relief Orogenul hercinic (upper Paleozoic)

europe map of europe physical relief 300x244 Europe Relief
Europe relief

- is stored in the foundation of massive fields but also in some isolated
-Mountains have average altitudes
-heavily eroded mountains
-present high-land and low-land (Rhine Graben)

Ural Mountains, Armorican Massif, (Franta); French Massif Central (FrFrance Vosges mountains; Black Forest (Germany); Bohemian quadrilateral ;Lysa Gora, North Dobrogea, Iaila (Crimea);Meseta Iberica ; Corsica; Sardinia.
Europe Relief Alpine Orogen


- formed in tertiary
- High-altitude
-glaciar landscape
-occur in sedimentary region (Po Plain, Plain Panonia)

Cordiliera Betica, Pyrenees, Alps, Apennines, Dinaric Alps, Carpathians, Caucasus

Europe Relief
types of relief in Europe
The landscape of plain
-plains results by filling tectonic basins ( Pad, Pannonia)
-plains formed by depositing a sedimentary layer over platform (Deer Campia, Germana)
-coastal plains ( Northern Germany, Poland)

The landscape of hill and plateau
- occupies about 30% the surface of Europe
-Highlands extend the base platform ( inclusiv hercinic), and the foundation alpine hills
- plateaus are older platforms located near Alpine Orogen (Dobrogea, Prebalcanic); plateaus located on pedestals Hercynic (Bohemian Plateau, Spanish Meseta)
- relief is in the form of gentle hills, paragraph cuestele, landslides
Mountain landscape
-presents difficult terrain, high altitudes, heights seaworthy
-have different feature depending on the period in which were born

Types of relief
Volcanic landscape includes active volcanoes in Iceland, Italy,S.A but craters in the French Massif Central.
The landscape created by glacial ice cap in northern Europe and the mountain glaciers in high mountains
Karst topography represented by caves, Valley , keys to. Appears in Karst limestone areas, Alps
Dolomite, Carpathian
Coastal landscape is represented by fjorduri in Northern Europe, the dalmatic on the Adriatic coast by
shared (Danube) s.a
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